Process sketches:

TradeRoom Brochure

Concept/art direction/execution

Brief: creation of a marketing brochure for fictitious company, 'MegaNews TradeRoom', using copy and diagram sketches provided. 

Concept: after researching the stock market and finance industry, I decided to use the metaphors of bear and bull to convey the finance theme. 

My decision to go with a traditional look and feel for the design was motivated by the desire to make this piece stand out in a field dominated with more technology-based imagery. I also wanted to convey reliability and conservatism to a finance audience.

I learnt to create an engraved effect for the images I selected. I combined Baskerville and Futura Condensed fonts to create an interesting contrast within the type, suggesting a classic feel with a modern edge.

I chose a portrait, 8.5 by 11" format, saddle-stitched, for simplicity. I wanted to convey the content in clean, straightforward way that communicated financial news to the reader.