Process sketches:

Ideation App

Concept/art direction/execution

Brief: create a mobile app for designers that solves a problem. I defined the problem as a designer being stuck in a creative rut.

Concept: I came up with the idea to create an ideation app for graphic designers, since I am in the target market.

The app allows the user to generate inspirational quotes and actions on the first page, browse a list of design techniques to use on page two, and to collect ideas in a mind map on page three.

Testing: I used my classmates to test my initial ideas, ensuring that the usability and navigation made sense and were intuitive. This was a key part of this project for me, although the app was supposed to focus more on the visual design than interaction. 

App Brand: I created the branding for the product, and after much brainstorming decided to call it 'Lode', which felt appropriate for an app that is designed to access rich sources of inspiration within the mind. 

The circular logo and navigation buttons were based on the idea of junctures at intersecting lines. These lines created negative shapes that I decided to turn into purposeful geometric shapes, which work as a visual metaphor for how ideas happen accidentally and organically.