Concept 1: Tibetan Textiles 1


Barley Water
Packaging Concepts

Concept/art direction/execution

These are a series of comps I did for a packaging design project at Studio Hinrichs. I was given free reign to ideate around the concept of Tibetan barley water, and to produce a set of product illustrations. The project didn't go forward, but I was pleased with the work I did on conceptualization and illustration. 

I based the designs on traditional Tibetan patterns and decoration from textiles and architecture. I used colour palettes influenced by the richness of the colour from Tibetan culture and geography, and based the product names on the Tibetan tribal people and the Indus river, which originates in the Tibetan highlands, the area in which the barley is grown. 

Concept 2: Tibetan Silver Seal Design

Concept 3: Tibetan Textiles 2

Concept 4: Tibetan River Design, "Indus"